eBusiness-Praxis für den Mittelstand.

PROZEUS - At a glance

eBusiness standards – competitive factors in the global economy

Brochure Cover - Economic Success Thanks To Ebusiness Standards

Since 2002...

...the eBusiness initiative PROZEUS has been answering questions from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) about eBusiness standards for their size of company:

• Which business processes should we optimize?
• How can we introduce eBusiness?
• Which eBusiness standards do we need to implement?

PROZEUS – eBusiness practice for SMEs

eBusiness standards ensure that a company’s processes are made fast and efficient by seamless automation. PROZEUS provides clear information on eBusiness standards to help small and medium-sized companies acquire eBusiness competence. Within the context of PROZEUS selected SMEs implemented projects for business optimisation by the introduction of globally applicable processes and eBusiness standards. Examples of best-practice make clear that even small businesses can successfully introduce complex and integrated business processes. The test results are published in full detail and the new insights gained from these companies’ practical experience are available to help other SMEs with their own eBusiness activities.

PROZEUS – What we offer

• Case studies
• eBusiness-Know-how
• Expert Network
• IT consultant pool
• PROZEUS's partner in Germany's different regions and sectors
• eBusiness Online-Check

Read more about our offers in the flyer (pdf)

PROZEUS – A joint project

The PROZEUS project is being carried out jointly by GS1 Germany and IW Consult. It has been supported by the german Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology from 2003 to 2012.

For the consumer goods sector
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For the manufacturing industry
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Economic feasibility survey 2011 on PROZEUS best practice examples from SMEs

SMEs share their experiences, results and statements regarding eBusiness applications with you. Because convinced companies are the best "ambassadords"!

Economic success thanks to eBusiness standards-final (pdf)

Best practice examples from SMEs

These by PROZEUS supported companies published their experiences in feedback reports from 2006 till 2008.

Case Studies (pdf)

Frequently asked questions about PROZEUS

We are pleased to answer your questions.

FAQ (pdf)

Two stories of successful eBusiness

Read the success stories of the two winners of the Best Practice IT special award "Processes and standards for more eBusiness in medium sized companies".

Best Practice (pdf)

E-Business Cases

Here you find the Summary of the "e-Business cases - Learning From Peers" Project from the e-Business Support Network (eBSN), containing five PROZEUS Projects.

Learning From Peers (pdf)

Project Summary

eBusiness practice for small and medium-sized businesses.

Prozeus At A Glance (pdf)

E-Business Standards in Germany

Here you find the executive Summary of the Study "E-Business Standards in Germany".

Executive Summary (pdf)