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Economic success thanks to eBusiness standards (09/2012)

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first edition, 48 pages

Economic success thanks to eBusiness standards

Using eBusiness standards - speaking the "same language"

When a company decides on electronic data interchange with as many business partners as possible, it should employ standard formats. Only companies which employ standards for exchanging catalogues, transferring business documents and for automating business processes on a cross company basis permit efficient data interchange and ensure greater investment security.

This brochure presents the experience and results of 15 companies from different sectors which, in the context of PROZEUS, implemented projects for process optimisation by the introduction of eBusiness standards. In the projects, which were implemented in the period from 2009 to 2011, the focus was on the introduction of eBusiness and the use of eBusiness standards.

The successes of the companies are intended to show other small to medium-sized enterprises that eBusiness is not just an important topic for large companies, but that complex projects can also be handled by a smaller team. The field reports will help other companies to avoid mistakes when setting up their own system and provide tips and help to permit realistic planning and successful project implementation.

Economic Feasibility Survey 2011

Economic feasibility survey 2011 on PROZEUS best practice examples from SMEs

Before companies decide to change their processes by introducing eBusiness applications and standards, the question of the profitability of such a project is often raised. This question is understandable; after all, introducing eBusiness involves both a financial investment and an investment of time which should not take place without a preceding analysis of costs and benefits. But unfortunately the benefits of eBusiness and eBusiness standards are frequently difficult to measure.

However, to be able to specify what potential exists for companies in practice, in the second half of 2011 all 130 companies which conducted PROZEUS implementation projects between 2003 and 2011 were asked about the cost-effectiveness of their application. 69 companies replied. As the results are not representative and the numbers of participants are in some cases low, no statements can be made regarding the costeffectiveness of eBusiness applications in general. The results do, however, show clearly that the companies which have already conducted an eBusiness project actually benefit appreciably from it.

Convinced companies are the best "ambassadors" - so read more!

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