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Catalogue Management with SA2 Worldsync (05/2009)

Master Data Alignment & Catalog Exchange

1th edition, 16 pages

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Key core processes such as orders, inventory management and invoice handling are efficient only if the master data are of high quality. SA2 Worldsync is a central and standardized item database that enables industry and retail to optimize their electronic data traffic. Master data need to be provided only once via a data pool in order to supply participating retailers centrally. Costs and time input for preparing retailer-specific item passports are entirely eliminated.

Read more about how within the framework of a project between Hitschler International GmbH and METRO AG, the following benefits were derived: Savings in administrative and processing costs, minimizing the costs generated by error in the process chain, competitive advantage through national and international standards and, not least, strategic benefits through superior service offerings. A checklist reflects the experience of the pilot companies and is designed to assist in practical implementation.

Catalogue Management with SA2 Worldsync (pdf, 0.50 MB)


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